Casting Through Ancient Greece

Interview: Jeff Murray

June 01, 2021 Mark Selleck / Jeff Murray
Casting Through Ancient Greece
Interview: Jeff Murray
Show Notes

Jeff Murray is a pen and ink artist that creates intricate works on canvas inspired by exploration and travel. He resides and has setup a studio in a rural setting in the UK where he can peruse his passion in a peaceful environment.

Many of Jeff's works explore the various cities and continents of the world from a very unique perspective. While he has also been inspired by the natural world, either incorporating these elements into his works or taking them as the subject for the piece.

Recently Jeff has been exploring the ancient world and making this the subject of some of his most recent works. He has been absorbed in the stories of ancient times through works of history, art, myths, podcasts and even video games. From this he has taken what he has learnt and reimagined these times and stories and translated them onto canvas.

In this interview I sit down with Jeff and explore his journey as an artist and then we move onto looking at his Greek and ancient world inspired pieces.

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